4 Things To Look For In A Dog Boarding Facility

When you are leaving town and are unable to bring your dog with you, finding a reliable place to board them can be a difficult process. You love your pup, so you want to be sure that whoever you leave them with will take good care of them and give them love and attention while you are away. Learn more below about what to look for in a dog boarding facility from the experienced team at Big Tex Feed in Houston. If you are in need of boarding services, fill out a request form or contact us today!


Make Sure a Vet Is on Call

If something awful happens and your animal is injured or becomes sick while you are away, you need to feel confident that they are going to be well taken care of. Any good dog boarding facility will have a veterinarian on call at every hour of the day or night to address the medical needs of your pup. This will ensure that your furry family member is safe and will give you peace of mind.


Health Requirements

Sickness can spread like wildfire in dog boarding facilities. With so many animals packed tightly together and physically interacting with each other, illness easily transfers between pets. While some illnesses are common and not life-threatening, others can be dangerous. Make sure that your boarding facility requires dogs to be up-to-date on vaccines like those for rabies, parvo, and bordetella.


A Caring Staff

In any boarding situation, we recommend that dog owners visit the facility prior to leaving their dog there. One reason for that is to get a feel for the staff. These are the people that are taking care of your precious animal, so you should be able to trust them and feel confident that they will treat your pet with love and care. Another way to determine whether the staff is a good fit is to read customer reviews online.


Clean Facilities

A single dog can cause quite a mess on its own; with a whole facility of dogs, this is guaranteed. No one wants to leave their pet someplace that is covered in dirt, waste, and hair. Any professional boarding facility should be prepared for this. Workers should keep areas clean and sanitized at all times in order to mitigate the spread of diseases and generally provide a nice environment for your dog.

Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to the safety and care of your beloved animal. Contact the team of dedicated animal lovers at Big Tex Feed to learn more about our boarding services now!

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