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Community Support

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Keeping Houston Strong

Our family business is all about putting heart into what we do and helping others around us feel the same way. Big Tex Feed Hardware & Pet Supply strives to be your number one supplier in all things feed, hardware, and pet supplies in an effort to make Houston’s community a better place. Business with us means more support for others in need, such as donating to Laurel’s House for local animal care and helping Black-owned businesses thrive while pushing to support Houston more and more.

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Helping Local Businesses

We’re not just talking about us! There are many wonderful Black and Hispanic-owned businesses throughout Houston that deserve all the attention in the world and then some! Doing business with us helps provide community support by pumping revenue into growing local businesses throughout Houston that we love helping. For the latest community involvement headlines, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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Spreading Positive Pet Health

We care for all pets, big and small. Our specialty feed is catered for both pet owners looking to keep their animals in good health so that they worry less while making Houston’s community a happier place for both humans and animals alike! It’s not just our feed either; we are always caring for each animal with our specific formulas of medication to help make each of them happy, which in turn helps make Houston happy. Even when you’re leaving Houston, we provide exceptional services for your animals to keep them in joyful spirits.

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Big Tex Feed is all about community support throughout Houston. We’d love to see you stop by and tell us about your life and work here in Houston. Let’s talk today about doing our part in making the community a better place.

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