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Dog Training

Obedience Training Classes in Houston

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Obedience training can change your life with your furry friend. We encourage all clients to understand the language and needs of their pets, as it's a love language so pure and unwavering. The confidence you find in walking your dog in public areas when your dog is responding to your every cue is the best feeling ever.

No one wants their pet to be unruly and wild when in public and we understand that frustration. Our trainers will provide the proper techniques to help you and your dog to speak the same language — understanding their barks, facial expressions, and routine, to get the best-behaved pet effortlessly.

Our dog training service includes board and train options, as well as refresher courses. With our understanding of how to achieve the best results, we utilize both boarding and training for consistency and routine. In turn, this training will provide the best results, including a personalized session after boarding and training so that you can learn the language your dog speaks and have a better understanding of your pet's needs.

Dog Training Evaluations

$25 Evaluation Fee

Each dog will be required to have an evaluation so we can determine the best course of action and the amount of time needed to teach your pet. Some dogs pick up on training quickly, and some don't, and this evaluation will help us determine that. This will also give you a chance to discuss the options and clarify any concerns you may have.

Dog Training Requirements

  • Evaluation
  • Parvo Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Bordetella Vaccine
  • Contract and Consent Form
  • Deposit
  • Dog food (if boarding)

Dog Training Options

Basic Obedience Training

$40+ per session

  • Commands: sit, down, stay, and loose leash walking
  • Place commands, doorway entry manners.
  • Properly meet and greet with dogs/ humans.

Puppy Basic Training

$50+ per session

  • Commands: sit, down and stay
  • Learning respect for the handler during all distractions, leash training
  • Place commands will be learned from a distance for a duration of time.
  • Potty training

Boarding and Training

$2000 for a Month of Training

  • 20 sessions for 30 days,
  • Your dog will stay onsite at Big Tex Feed Boarding facility.
  • 1-hour return-to-owner session on the last day so the owner can learn techniques, cues, and language to follow through at home.

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