Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic is back! Sat 06/01/24 9A-4P

Preventative Animal Care in the Houston Area

Preventative Care Services


Vet Services

At Big Tex Feed, our goal is to help as many people and animals as we possibly can! In our facility we can take care of any smaller animals and save you guys major from traditional vet clinics long lines and high prices for basic preventative care.

We can’t stress it enough education and affordable prices are vital! Our mission is to ensure that your animals get the care they need to stay healthy and happy!

Golden Legacy Vet Clinic offers Vet mobile services so that you don't have to pack your dogs, horses, cows and more.

Skyline Animal Hospital is also an excellent choice for full-service animal health. They offer a host of surgeries and services for ALL small, domesticated animals.


Vaccine clinic 06/01/24 9a-4p

VAccine clinic services


Cat Vaccines $50+

The non-core feline vaccinations are optional. The need for these will depend on your cat’s age, lifestyle, and location. These vaccines include the following: feline leukemia virus (FELV- for cats older than 1 year of age), Bordetella bronchiseptica, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and Chlamydia felis.


Puppy Vaccines $45+

Depending on the age and what your pet has already received we will help determine the appropriate vaccine for your fur baby.


Adult Vaccines $70+

We offer core vaccines for your dogs and puppies. These vaccines are necessary either annually or every three years, depending on your veterinarian’s recommendation. The core vaccines are canine distemper virus (CDV), canine parvovirus (CPV), canine adenovirus (CAV), and rabies.


Heartworm Test $25

In order to get Rx Heartworm medication, you may be required to get tested to insure which heartworm medication your pet needs. In order for our staff to determine the best medication a test is required to know which route you can take.

Minor ER Services


Ear infections

Ear wax build, foul smells and other discharge up can be an indication your dog has an ear infection. Keeping their ear clean and the right dog food could do the trick but let us take a look first so we can help solve the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.


Flea & Heartworm Prevention Price Varies

Depending on the size and whether your pet is negative or positive for heartworms we will help as best as we can to find an affordable option for you.


Allergies and Skin irritations

Animals can have allergies just like us and sometimes it can be the grass or their diet that is causing flare ups, hives, even hair loss and much more. Our goal is to remedy the problem not just the symptoms.