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Vet Day Is BACK!

As an animal owner, you understand how important it is to keep up with your pet’s health needs. After all, you want what is best for these members of the family, whether they are a dog or horse. Although we strive to provide what is best for our animals, vet care is often expensive, making it difficult to support your pet’s health. As a leading vet in Houston, we at Big Tex Feed are here to change the notion that vets are too expensive with Vet Day! Read on to learn more about what these days can offer to your pet, and visit us online to book your appointment.

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What Is Vet Day?

Vet Day is a Big Tex Feed tradition as it is a day dedicated to providing affordable pet care services. Our goal is to help as many people and animals as we can because we understand the challenges that come along with affording pet care. Whether you have a small house pet or a larger animal, Vet Day is the perfect opportunity to take care of their health needs.

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Basic Services

During Vet Day, we offer a variety of services to cover a range of pet health needs. When it comes to basic services, we strive to provide the best care in Houston.

Basic services include:

  • Health Exams — $15

  • Vaccine Packages — Starting at $35

  • Rabies Only Vaccine — $25

  • Heartworm Test — $35

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Minor ER Services

During Vet Day, we do not offer extensive emergency room services due to their extensive requirements, but we do offer minor ER services that may suit your needs.

These services are:

  • Help with Ear Infections

  • Flea and Heartworm Prevention

  • Allergies and Skin Irritations

All prices vary on the type of animal and their needs, so contact us today for more information.

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How It Works

We first ask that all pet parents fill out this Vet Day request form, as it gives us a better understanding of your needs. Once you have your appointment booked, we ask that you bring any smaller animals into our facility so that we can care for their needs. However, when it comes to larger animals live livestock, or horses, we will schedule a time to visit your property instead.

Make sure to ask us about our mobile service which may be more convenient for you!

Reserve a Spot For Your Pet Today!

Vet Day is the perfect time to tend to your beloved animal's health needs. We at Big Tex Feed strive to provide the best vet care in Houston, as we want nothing but the best for your pets! Visit our website to learn more about Vet Day or to fill out your form today.