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How To Board A Dog With Separation Anxiety

We make strong bonds with our pets, but there are times when we have to separate from one another for a multitude of reasons. Big Tex Hardware & Pet Supply knows that it can be stressful for both parties to leave your dog for a little while, so we created a list of a few tips for boarding your anxious pup so that you can both have peace of mind.

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Pick The Right Boarding Service

Before you board them, make sure that you do a bit of research on the boarding service. A good pet boarder will provide them with physical and mental stimulation, which can help to distract them from their anxieties and from missing you too much.

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Bring A Favorite Toy

Bringing a little piece of home to the boarding house can do wonders for a dog’s mental state. Having an anchor that they’re familiar with in an unfamiliar situation may help. Most boarding services expect a toy or two, pick out a favorite and send it with them. Make sure to let the service know ahead of time that you’re sending something with so you can make sure to get it back.

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Do Some Prep Work

Increase the amount of time that you’re away from your your pup bit by bit and ease them into getting used to you being gone. If you have to board your dog on short notice, this might not be possible, but if you have a trip planned and some time to prepare, it can really help them be sure that you’re coming back.

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Manage Your Own Anxiety

Dogs can be very in tune with their owners’ emotions. When you go to drop them off, don’t drag out the goodbye or treat it as if it’s any different than you going to work during the day or running an errand. Showing them your worry might make them fret as well. Set them off on the right foot by acting as normal as possible, so they can be sure that nothing is wrong.

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