Four Tricks Every Dog Should Know

Having a well-trained dog is a great sense of pride for dog owners, but it’s also essential to your dog's safety. Training your dog can be a rewarding experience because it not only helps your dog feel fulfilled but also strengthens your bond with your companion. At Big Tex Feed, we offer the best dog training classes in Houston, TX, designed to teach you and your pup all of the basics and more. Read on to learn four tricks that every dog should know, and register for our dog obedience training!



Teaching your dog to sit is one of the most basic commands, yet it is the foundation for many other tricks they will learn down the line. This command can be taught to even the youngest of puppies and will be a great starting point for you both.



The stay command is very useful. Not only can it keep your pet from running into the street or another dangerous situation, but it is also an essential trick to learn if you’d like your dog to remain calm and neutral in public places.



Recall, or your dog coming to you when called, is extremely important for all dogs to have. It can keep them safe from potential harm while on walks or at the dog park, and is important to establish before trusting your dog to roam off leash.


Watch Me

When training your dog, the “watch me” command is all about establishing focus through eye contact. Teaching this trick to your pet will help it focus on your instruction and keep its attention, allowing you to continue building on the repertoire of tricks your dog will learn!

Training your dog with these essential tricks is only the beginning! At our dog training classes in Houston, we will help you learn all of the useful tricks and commands they need to thrive. At Big Tex Feed, we have all the essentials you need to keep your pup happy and healthy. Visit our store to browse our pet supplies, or sign up for our dog obedience classes today!

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