Four Things to do Before Boarding Your Dog

If you’re planning to take a trip out of town, or just want to get your dog out of the house for the day, dog boarding services are perfect for you and your furry friend! With the right dog-sitting services, you can feel confident that your pet is safe, well cared for, and enjoying their own mini vacation. At Big Tex Feed, we have the best dog daycare and dog boarding facility in Houston, TX! Here are four things you should always do before boarding your dog.


Tour Our Dog Boarding Facility

Before boarding your pup, it can help to make sure they are comfortable with their surroundings. Before you head out of town, bring your dog to visit us and explore the boarding facility, so they can feel more confident the next time they come.


Check Into Your Kennel’s Policies

Every kennel will have its own unique policies on dog behavior, grooming standards, vaccinations, and more. It’s important to research these ahead of time to make sure your dog will be able to stay out of our boarding facility when the time comes. Reach out to our staff with any questions!


Pack the Essentials

When you drop your dog off for their stay at our dog daycare and hotel, bring all of the essentials they will need to get through their time with us. This can be a bed, toys, blankets, and other comfort items, and should include food, treats, a collar, and medications they may need.


Create an Emergency Contact Sheet

We want you to trust that your companion is in great hands with us at Big Tex Feed, but that doesn’t mean emergencies won’t happen. To make sure you are prepared for this situation, it’s a good idea to create an emergency contact sheet that has your information and someone else’s information who is in town.

Now that you know all of the things you should do to prepare your dog for their stay with us, all that’s left to do is contact Big Tex Feed to book your dates at our dog boarding facility in Houston. Contact us today for more information!

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