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Four Additional Services to Add To Your Dog's Grooming Appointment

Adding additional services to your dog's grooming appointment is a great way to make sure your pup is getting the best care possible. Not only do these additional services make your beloved dog feel special, but they can also help promote their overall wellness.

Here are a few extra services that Bix Tex Feed Hardware & Pet Supply in Houston offers to get the most out of your dog’s trip to our salon!

Microchip Registration

Microchip Registration - $25

Dogs occasionally slip out of the front door or wiggle their way out of the leash and bolt. That’s a simple fact of pet ownership, especially with easily-excitable and energetic dogs. One way to improve your chances of getting them back if they’re lost or stolen is to make sure they have a microchip. If your dog isn’t yet chipped, we can add it to their dog grooming service and make sure that they’re known to five of the largest pet registries in the country:

Puppy Vaccine Package

Puppy Vaccine Package - $35

A new puppy is excited to see the world, but they’re also inexperienced with it — and that includes their immune system! We offer Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus, and Parainfluenza vaccinations to help them get off on the right paw. For puppies under six months old, we offer a discounted dog grooming wash of only $25, so put that saved money to work right away!

Flea Treatments

Flea Treatments - $10 to $25

In the warmer months, fleas are a common irritant for your dog. They’re not only irritating and itchy, they can potentially cause health issues like disease and tapeworms for your pet and big vet bills down the road. At Bix Tex Feed Hardware & Pet Supply, offer flea dips, pills, and baths to help your dog be comfortable again.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal Gland Expression - $10

If your dog is rubbing their butt across the floor or spending a lot of time tending to their rear, it’s not only unsanitary, it’s a sign that they could be experiencing discomfort. We can help to alleviate that quickly and easily by expressing their anal glands.

There are more add-ons and options you can pick from to customize your doggy spa day with Big Tex. Book an appointment now!

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