Hello, my name is Johnese Davis. My husband (Edward) and I own and operate Big Tex Feed and also Tex's 5-Star Stables, a 40 horse barn and stable.  We have owned and operated Big Tex Feed since 2001.  Before BTF I worked and managed my father's automotive store and hardware store for over 25 years.  I am a multi-animal lover and my animals include horses, dogs, a cat, chickens, ducks, cows, goats, and birds.  I enjoy riding my horses and learning as much as I can about the care and training of them.  With this hobby of mine, it makes my job easier at the store when someone has a question about their horses well being.
Edward and I designed the store to be helpful to those who care enough to learn more about their animals and don't necessary need to call on the VET to do some of the simple everyday care things.  What we don't have we will do our best to get and what we don't know we will do our best to find out.  That is a promise that we make to our family of customer every day.

Hello I am Edward Davis and I started working at an early age of 10 when our address was 7103 Cullen and our number was RI89563, yes that tells my age. Our Shop at the time was called Save with Dave after my father. There we fixed flats, recap tires, sold new and used tires, pumped gas and sold potatoes, yes we did it all. But doing all that has made me the man and owner that I am today, servicing as many needs to my customers as possible. Today I work with my wife and family at out feed store but I also help my mother at her tire shop that still services the community for over 35 years, with tire and wheel services.

To the left is Johnese, Marcquis and Edward hosting their 5th annual HOW Show at Tex's 5 Star Stables.
Marcquis is an active third year student at University of Houston studying Kinesiology and working part time at Big Tex Feed and Pet Supply.  She handles the paper work, sales, events and marketing.  The responsibilities that she has makes her valuable to our business and even more competitive with her choice of career in the future.

This is a picture of Lance. More information will follow.

Staff information is coming soon.