Berry 4-Way Bit
Nickle plated Berry 4-Way Bit with 14mm 5" jointed mouth and ring size of 32mm.

Burch Bit
Burch Bit is made of stainless steel and is available in 5".

Butterfly Bit
Stainless steel Butterfly Bit with a 13mm 5" mullen mouth.

Button Bit
Stainless steel Button Bit with 5" mouth.

Crescendo Bit
Stainless steel Crescendo Bit with 5" mouth.

Hutton Bit
Stainless steel Hutton Bit with 5" mouth.

Jic Bit
Stainless Steel Jic Bit with 5" mouth.

McKerron Bit
5" Stainless steel McKerron Bit.

Norton Apple Mouth
Norton Apple Mouth Bit with 5" apple flavored mouth piece.

Norton Bit
Stainless Steel Norton Bit with 5" mouth piece.