Pop Up SHOP starting SEPT 3RD 10A-5P

Pop Up Shop

mage of dogs, cats, a rabbit, mouse, and bird.

Do you have something that you want to sell or solicit to our customers and community? We get plenty of requests to sell puppies, products and services all the time and unfortunately, we can't buy all puppies and products, but we have decided to open a Pop-Up Shop so that you can sell your products, services and solicit your own business on our property. We do believe that we can all sit at the table, and we can all eat. We are three generations deep in entrepreneurship and are continuing the legacy of bringing honesty, quality services at affordable prices and too many of our customer have the same mentality with their own business and this is the best way to support so many of you. If you are interested and want to get on the list to sell at our pop-up shop, please fill out the form above.

Pop Up Shop WILL BE open from 9am-6pm Every day. Subject to Availability.