Safe Haven Animal Hospital

Accessible Animal Care in the Houston Area

Walk-In Clinic Only Open Sunday-Wednesday 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Get the Animal Care You Need

Considering all of the compassion, care, and love that we get from our animals, it’s important that we return the favor! That said, it can be difficult to secure reliable, high-quality care for your animals in the Houston area — whether you can’t find the right vet, finances are tight, or any other reasons life may throw your way.

At Big Tex Feed, Hardware, & Pet Supply, we want to do what we can to help you and your animals stay happy and healthy, which is why we’re proud to offer the Safe Haven Animal Hospital — a clinic formed by experienced veterinarians with the goal of offering affordable animal care services to our customers. Keep reading to learn more, or contact us today to get started!


Animal Care Services at Safe Haven Animal Hospital

Animals require a lot of care to stay healthy, and that care can get extremely expensive! Fortunately, Safe Haven Animal Hospital offers a number of routine and emergency veterinarian services at an affordable price. Our facility is staffed with professional veterinarians, and you can expect to get premium, professional services when you call on us to take care of your animals.

View our list of services and their prices below.

Planning to visit us soon? Please register your pet with Safe Haven now to save some time with you visit us.

Basic Services


Exam $15


Vaccines $15+


Nail Trim $10


Anal Gland Exp. $10

Additional Services


Heartworm Test $15


Flea & Heartworm Prevention Price Varies


Ear Cleaning $10+



Fracture Repairs




Cherry Eye Repair


Mass Removal

How to Access Our Animal Care Services

If you’re interested in utilizing any of our services listed above, simply come into our WALK IN CLINIC Sunday - Wednesday from 10a-2p!

In addition to our general animal care services, we also offer regular clinics and activities to offer you a wide selection of animal care options. Be sure to stay tuned into our website to learn about upcoming events!


Events We’ve Offered in the Past Include

  • Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic

  • Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign

  • Monthly Vaccination Clinics

  • International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Course


Who Can Use Safe Haven Animal Hospital?

At Safe Haven Animal Hospital, our goal is to help as many people and animals as we possibly can! In our facility we can take care of any smaller animals, however when it comes to larger animals like livestock or horses, we’ll schedule a time to visit your property and take care of your animals.

We can’t stress it enough! Our mission is to ensure that your animals get the care they need to stay healthy and happy!

If you have an animal you’d like to bring to the Safe Haven Animal Hospital, contact our team today to get started.

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