Clinch Cutter
 Clinch Cutter is an all purpose tool made of tempered steel. One end designed for cutting and the other a pritchel for opening and sizing nail holes. 6" long.

Farrier Kit
 An all in one handy farrier bag that comes already loaded with all the necessary farrier tools conveniently stored in the easy access pockets. Rolls up for easy storage so you will always be prepared for any hoof care issue. Includes velcro binding for a secure closure.

Farrier Kit Bag
 Keep your tools handy in this roll-up Farrier Kit Bag. Pockets conveniently hold picks, nippers, knife, etc. Velcro binding for secure closure.

Forged 14" Hoof Nipper
 14" Hoof Nipper is drop forged of high quality steel with sharp cutting edges. Durable vinyl covered handles.

Forged 14" Nail Clincher
 Forged 14" Nail Clincher from tempered steel will easily roll over high and low nails with their curved jaws. Cushion grip handles.

Forged 15" Hoof Nipper
 Heavy duty Forged 15" Hoof Nipper with handles and joints treated to great strength.

Hoof Knife
 High quality, stainless steel Hoof Knife with wooden handle and a double edge 3-1/2" blade.

Hoof Leveler
 Solid brass Hoof Leveler is designed to give correct angular and length measurements of hoof before shoeing to insure correct balance. Number and degrees are easy to read. Available in horse size only.

Hoof Shoe Cleaner
 6" Hoof Shoe Cleaner with wire brush and steel end designed to clean the hoof shoe. Molded plastic grip.

Hoof Tester
 Professional quality stainless steel Hoof Tester, allows sensitive areas of the hoof to be located.

Horseshoe Hammer
 14 oz. Horseshoe Hammer with high quality stainless steel head and wood handle makes this an extremely versatile hammer for all Farrier needs. 13" long.

Oval Hoof Knife
 Oval Hoof Knife is made from high quality stainless steel with a wooden handle and features a double blade.

 Pritchel is 5/8" x 11" and is used to clear shoe nail holes.

Rasp with Tang
 Rasp with Tang is a popular lightweight model for show, saddle and race horses. Rasp on one side, file on the other. Available in 12" or 14".

Thread Saver Hole Plugs
 Thread Saver Hole Plugs are made of fine celled resilient foam. 100 punched out plugs per package. Easy to install.

Wooden Rasp Handle
 Rasp Handle is a tough, smooth wooden handle with metal screw bit designed to lock on any tanged rasp. 5" long.