We stock a huge variety of dog houses, box kennels, and yard kennels, and special orders are our specialty. Kennels are available in cyclone fencing and as well as welded wire mesh.  Kennels are also available in various sizes, 5’ x 5’ or larger. Dog houses are available in wooden and plastic to suit you and your dogs and are also in various sizes. Pick out your dog house today for the upcoming cold and rainy winter. Delivery and assembly is available. We also have traveling crates, Vari-Kennel, so loved ones can join you on those family trips and vacations and lots more! Please call for pricing.

For your pets, we feature natural dog and cat foods, plus quality brands like Iams, Eukanuba, PMI Red Flannel & PMI Exclusive, Diamond, Diamond Chicken Soup, Pedigree, and more. We have over 20 brands in stock! If you are a frequent buyer, join the PMI Frequent Buyer Club and buy 10 and the next one is on us! We also carry a pet selection of toys and treats that's constantly stocked with new choices. With our various supply of dog foods certain one are right for your animal's needs. So if you have a dog that isn’t the size that you want it to be our staff will help you find one that will suit your dog with a few simple questions. 

Need vaccinations and wormers? We also carry do-it-yourself vaccinations and wormers for dogs and cats.  No need to go to vet when you can do it yourself.  We care wormers in different types—paste, liquids, powders, and pills—so that you don’t have to fight your animals to give them medicine. All of our vaccinations include parvo, a common and curable disease, along with other common diseases, like distemper, influenza, and more. Please call if you have any questions for pricing or if you’re not sure which one your animal is due for. Please see your local vet for rabies shots and heart worming preventive schedules.

Below is a variety of products that we have in stock and can special order to fit your needs.