Reward Programs and Frequent Buyer

Here at Big Tex Feed we are asked constantly about discounts, but being in this business there's not much profit for single item purchases.  So what we have come up with is two different clubs that help you redeem points for purchase discounts.

The T-Shurt Club is a very similar to a Kroger's card, with the T-Shurt you can receive discounts on any purchase on Tuesdays - Thursdays.  You are required to wear the T-Shurt in the store to receive the discount.  This helps us advertise and helps you save money.  T-Shurts range anywhere from $12 and up depending on size, now I know you may say why do I have to pay for the shirt but within your three purchases you can have the shirt paid for and some.  With feed and hay purchases you can get up to 25 cents off and with tack and accessories you can get up to 10% off.  The T-Shurt also get you in to our annual trail ride hosted every 4th Sunday in April.

We also have a Frequent Buyer program where there's no entry fee.  This program allows you to save money with the more money you spend.  In our point of sale system we can calculate you purchases and you can receive $1 off every time you spend $50.  The only thing you are required is to tell us you name and home address when you make a purchase.
Gift Ideas

Below are gift ideas so you don't have to puzzle your brain about what you to get your loved cowboy or cowgirl. Build a Bucket is a great gift for someone's birthday or a new comer to the horse family, it can supply them with different necessities for cleaning, fly repellent and even wound treatments.  You can choose what you want in the bucket or have us to do it its up to you.


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