Boucher Training Bits

Boucher Training Snaffle Bit
Boucher Training Snaffle with stainless steel round eyes, solid jointed 13mm mouth and 110mm 4-1/4" cheeks. Available in 5", 5-1/4" and 5-1/2".

Boucher Waterford Bit
Stainless Steel Boucher Waterford Bit with round eyes, 5" mouth and cheek length of 110mm.

French Boucher Bit
Stainless Steel French Boucher Bit with round eyes, cheek length of 110mm. Mouth thickness of 13mm available in sizes 5" or 5-1/2".

Rubber Mouth Boucher Bit
Stainless steel Rubber Mouth Boucher Bit has a 5" jointed mouth made from soft rubber. Mouth thickness is 18mm with a cheek length of 110 mm.